Crowds And Power Music Group is an independent record label, a management team and a publishing house all under one roof. Founded in 2012 by Kit Gepp and Anders Källmark, our ethos is to give a creative home to emerging talent. We are inclusive, diverse, and always looking forward.

Coming from a very successful background in composing, production and engineering, Anders established his own studio premises in Camden in 2001. After meeting Kit in 2011, they soon realised that between them they had the experience, ambition and creativity to make a successful music company.

Starting with the publishing arm of Crowds and Power in 2012, the company soon expanded to include recordings and management, providing a turnkey solution that can inspire, nurture and allow new talent to blossom.


Our Artists

Rebecka Reinhard

Chloe Rodgers

Joey Rogers

Dan Shears


Crowds and Power Management is run by Nick Arran and Anders Källmark covering recording and live for predominantly our roster of artists and a few others.

Contact us on management@crowdsandpower.com for more information.

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