Joey Rogers


Joey was born in Walsall and raised amid musicians, including a Charlatan uncle. He taught himself guitar at an early age but split his time between shooting films and recording his own music.

A move to London – to study Documentary Film Making – and a stellar rise in fashion – walking for Burberry and Jil Sander – only fuelled Joey’s desire to make more of his music.

But only when he met Anders Källmark and likeminded musician Martin Söderin, did the form of what he wanted to create take shape.

The surging Alt-Rock of DROOL is the result. A slice of vintage 90s rock, with slower 60s structures, and a caramel voice.

The band formed in 2018 with Joey Rogers(vocalist/writer), Martin Söderin (drummer, formerly of VANT), Louis Greenway (guitarist) and Joe Bennison (bass) completing the line up.